💡What problem are we solving?

Problem statement

As of June '24, more than 3.5% of the entire ETH supply is locked in bridges. A major chunk of this is locked in rollup bridges, driven by the rollup-centric roadmap for Ethereum. We expect the ETH locked in bridges to grow to over 20% in the next few years. The locked ETH results in capital inefficiency on the rollup and a reduction of security for Ethereum (as the ETH is not staked)

Nexus Network: "Secure yields for idle bridge assets"

Nexus Network brings secure yields for idle assets locked in Ethereum rollups and EVM chains. Nexus Network provides a complete suite of products for ETH and stablecoin yields with -

  • Easy integration: Pluggable staking infrastructure integrates rollups through a few smart contract calls. Once integrated, Nexus Network takes care of all requirements

  • Maximum security: Non-custodial solution where rollup assets never touch Nexus contracts

  • Slashing protection: Uses the latest staking technologies including Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) and Distributed Key Generation (DKG). Slashing insurance from leading industry players to protect against slashing in the worst-case

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