💻Node Operators

Node operators can become a part of the Nexus Network ecosystem by getting whitelisted. Nexus Network uses the Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) solution built by SSV Network for running nodes. Node operators can join the Nexus Network testnet and run nodes on SSV clusters. They will perform the following duties:

  1. Be a part of SSV Node Operator set on Holesky with DKG (Distributed Key Generation) enabled

  2. Join a cluster on SSV to get key shares delegated to the operator

  3. Participate in DKG ceremonies so that validator keys can be generated in a decentralized manner

Getting started with running nodes on Nexus network is really quick. Node operators have to share the following details to the Nexus team:

  1. Name of the Operator

  2. SSV operator Id

  3. SSV DKG endpoint with https enabled

  4. SSV operator public key

Once the details are shared with the Nexus team, the operator is added and can start performing validation duties. Please reach out to the team on Twitter/Discord if you are looking to run an operator with Nexus Network

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