📔Smart Contracts

Nexus Network uses a set of smart contracts that orchestrate the flow of assets to generate yields for rollups -

  1. Nexus Contract: This contract manages the core functionality of the Nexus network orchestrating the end-to-end flow of journey for rollups. The admin part governs rollup registration, rollup parameters can then be modified using rollup admin address. It stores the necessary parameters for the rollup to start staking. It also keeps track of all validators registered through Nexus Network and governs the integration with SSV network

  2. Node Operator Contract: This contract handles all the node operator operations. It maintains the DVT clusters needed for running validators, ensures staking/unstaking from validators, and tracks the performance of all node operators

  3. Nexus Bridge ETH: Nexus Bridge ETH is a package imported by rollups in their bridge contract to start the integration with Nexus Network. Once imported, it enables the staking of ETH from the bridge contract

  4. Nexus Bridge DAI: This contract enables the rollup to earn returns on the DAI locked in the bridge by depositing it to the DSR savings contract

  5. Validator Execution Rewards: Block proposer rewards generated by the validators are directed to this contract. The contract enables rollups to claim the rewards

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