๐ŸšฒNexus Testnet

Nexus Network has launched a Testnet that showcases how it provides secure yields to the Rollup with minimum change in its tech stack. For testing Nexus Network Rollup a user needs to follow the following steps:

  1. You will need ETH on Holesky testnet to bridge. Check out these faucets if you do not have ETH already -

  2. You'll need to Bridge ETH to Nexus Network Rollup:

    1. Connect your wallet, and move ETH to the Nexus Network testnet. The assets will get bridged within 10 minutes

  3. For bridging the funds back to holeky:

    1. Switch the network to Nexus Network.

    2. Start the bridging by selecting the amount of ETH

    3. After the transaction is verified on Holesky, you'll be able to claim your funds back

  4. You can visualize the returns on our dashboard

For more information have a look at the video below. Also, if you face any error you can message us on our discord on #testnet-queries channel.

For integrating with Nexus on testnet reach out to us on our discord or our website. You can look at Integration Guideit to see what the integration will look like.

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