Nexus Bridge DAI

Nexus Bridge DAI allows a rollup to deposit the DAI locked in the rollup bridge to the DSR saving contract from MakerDAO and earn yields. These are the functions used to enable the feature:

  1. Deposit DAI: This function deposits the DAI on rollup bridge to the Maker DAO DSR contract. It is an automated action that takes place whenever a user deposits DAI to the rollup

    function depositDai(uint256 amountSave)

  2. Remove DAI: This function removes DAI from the DSR contract and gives it back to the user whenever they claim the DAI from the bridge

    function removeDai(address user, uint256 amountRedeem)

  3. Claim Rewards DAI: This function is used by the rollup governance to claim and utilize the DSR rewards

    function claimRewardsDAI(address address_to_send)

The design architectures for DAI can be customized in a similar manner to ETH, which is detailed here

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