Our Features

  • Pluggable staking infrastructure - Rollups can integrate with Nexus Network within a few minutes by calling Nexus contracts and similarly unplug in seconds.

  • Customizable staking limits - Rollups can stake any proportion of ETH locked in the bridge. For example, setting the staking limit to 10% stakes 10% of ETH on the bridge. Nexus contracts will continuously monitor the amount locked in the bridge and stake/unstake assets based on the staking limit.

  • One-stop validator management - Nexus Network does not put any additional responsibility on the rollup team. Rollup teams can share their preferred validator set (if any) and Nexus architecture will manage the staking accordingly

  • Non-Custodial Solution - Nexus Network does not hold custody of any assets or validator keys at any point in time. ETH moves from bridge contract to Ethereum chain when staking is triggered and back to bridge contract when unstaking happens, making Nexus Network a completely non-custodial solution

  • Slashing Insurance - Nexus Network has partnered with the leading slashing insurance providers in the space to insure against the event of slashing

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