How are we different from Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking has been the talk of the town for the past year with the surge in LSD and LSDfi products. Liquid staking brings capital efficiency to the ETH and already has a proven product market fit.

Nexus Network has taken a staking-based approach which is a better solution for rollups looking to earn returns on the ETH locked in bridges -

  • Non-custodial - The solution by Nexus Network is completely non-custodial. For liquid staking, there is a staking pool in the middle that manages the flow of all the ETH being staked with the protocol

  • Additional overheads - Rollups working with a liquid staking provider will have to create liquidity for the LSD token through incentives, etc. There is no such requirement if it uses a staking provider like Nexus Network

  • Plug & unplug - Rollups working with Nexus Network can change the stake in a single smart contract call allowing them to unplug within seconds. Liquid staking involves complexities as the rollup has no control over the staked ETH

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